What is Branding by Banding?

Branding by Banding® is the name given to the innovative, sustainable packaging concept created by banding equipment manufacturer, Bandall, and specialist printing company, Max. Aarts. Where a printed band is the key to bringing out the best in your product and brand communications, in appearance, in results and in efficiency. And, not forgetting, in contributing towards reaching your sustainability goals, a subject that is at the heart of Branding by Banding.

A concept of two parts, it starts with a pre-printed band, a strip of paper or (bio) film. And Bandall’s banding technology applies the bands to individual or multiple products. Together this is a unique and exceptional way to label, bundle and/or seal. Suitable as a primary and as a secondary packaging, banding benefits the packaging process, the entire logistical chain and product presentation.

Twice the expertise

Branding by Banding brings together the vast experience and expertise of both Bandall and Max. Aarts. Seamlessly together ensuring your product is packaged for maximum appeal and efficiency.
We offer a vast array of printed materials and a versatile programme of banding technology to suit every production facility, from relatively simple stand-alone models to modular and fully automatic bespoke solutions.

Tangible advantages

  • A unique finish to enhance your product success on the shelf and in online shops.
  • Samples and prototypes for your meetings
  • Ideal for Private Label
  • Single point of contact
  • 30 years of proven banding technology at Bandall combined with the BRC AA & ISO production facilities
    at specialist printing company Max. Aarts.
  • Low investment and quick ROI
  • Wide assortment of (sustainable) paper and film
  • Significant savings in packaging materials
  • Reduce waste volumes

How does the Branding by Banding team work?

After initial contact and all important goals and criteria are noted, a mini project team is put together to take you through the development process, step by step. Once we have some options in mind for your packaging we will demonstrate these at the location of your choice. This may also be at our extensive test facilities at Bandall or Max. Aarts. If you are not in the Benelux or Germany we will connect you with your local distributor.

After testing and banding samples, it will be clear which solution best serves your product and production needs, including savings achievable versus your current or alternative packaging and labelling. Both in materials and for the environment.

Branding by Banding

Benefits at a glance

  • More space for branding and product information with the option to keep the product clearly visible
  • Clear added value on the supermarket shelf
  • Tamper evident packaging
  • Cost-saving in all aspects
  • Highly reliable technology
  • Attractive form of Linerless Labelling
  • Ideal for Private Label brands
  • Green and sustainable packaging


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Branding by Banding video's

Veg-Pak Produce is convinced by the Branding by Banding concept

Product branding and promotional packaging

Add branding and product information to your product with Branding by Banding

Proven technologies

Proven technologies

  • Successful Bandall banding technology for more than 30 years
  • Made in Holland
  • From stand-alone machines to fully automatic solutions
  • Excellent references (do ask for them)


Worldwide dealer network

Worldwide dealer network

The Branding by Banding concept is in use in more than 100 countries worldwide, supported by a network of more than 50 distributors.

The ideal banding in three steps

The ideal banding in three steps

  • We will make a precise layout drawing based on your product packaging
  • Once artwork is complete we will send you a proof for assessment
  • Following approval of the final proof there is a two week delivery period 


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