Eye-catching from all sides

Branding by Banding

Benefits at a glance

  • More space for branding and product information with the option to keep the product clearly visible
  • Clear added value on the supermarket shelf
  • Tamper evident packaging
  • Cost-saving in all aspects
  • Highly reliable technology
  • Attractive form of Linerless Labelling
  • Ideal for Private Label brands
  • Green and sustainable packaging




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Proven technologies

  • Successful Bandall banding technology for more than 25 years
  • Made in Holland
  • From stand-alone machines to fully automatic solutions
  • Excellent references (do ask for them)


Worldwide dealer network

The Branding by Banding concept is in use in more than 90 countries worldwide, supported by a network of more than 40 distributors.

The ideal banding in three steps

  • We will make a precise layout drawing based on your product packaging
  • Once artwork is complete we will send you a proof for assessment
  • Following approval of the final proof there is a two week delivery period 


Branding by Banding is 360 degrees of space for product information

André Prophitius, Max. Aarts

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Listed under the name Bandall International


Skin packs Veggi Deli Branding by Banding

Branding By Banding as a flexible marketing tool

Recently, private label producer Basic Business decided to provide their complete range of vegetarian delicacies (such as Veggi Deli) with banding. Firstly, a lot of marketing attention was given to the design. But there are more benefits. Particularly in comparison to sleeve packaging.

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macarons printed band

Print & Band: communicating variable information with just 1 band

Products that are available in different variations – you could think of various flavours or types of the same product category – sometimes require slightly varying information on the packaging.

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Bandall contourstans banderol

Contoured banding spotlights branding and product

Contoured banding with an eye catching design and branding ensures that your product is shown off to its very best. Just like these tomatoes, or the Field Roast logo. These are only two examples of how Branding by Banding adds value for supermarket display.

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