Print & Band: communicating variable information with just 1 band

Products that are available in different variations – you could think of various flavours or types of the same product category – sometimes require slightly varying information on the packaging. Bandall’s unique “Print & Band” module has an integrated printer that allows you to print this type of variable information while banding at the same time. For this you will only need 1 pre-printed band, and variable information is printed while banding.

Variable communication with just 1 band

Product ingredients, best before dates, bar codes and language changes are examples of information that can be printed with ease and flexibility. Another unique feature, is that this variable information can also be printed over the complete length and width of the band. In other words, on any location of the band, irrespective of the number of positions.

Significant cost savings on printed banding material

The variable information is easily adjusted. The fact that you are still able to communicate variable product information with 1 (printed) band, is unique. It means that you do not need to make a new printed band for each flavour or variation. This will prevent a lot of extra costs in banding material.

Time saving

Printing while banding does not cause a delay in the packaging process, thanks to the double buffer system of the “Print & Band” module. Because the printer and the Bandall banding unit are working autonomously from each other, the combination of printing and banding does not affect the continuity, speed and quality of the process. It is also possible to pre-set the printer for different batches. In this way, no time is lost between banding different products.