SHOWTAB is designed to give... just that bit more

Highlight branding, promotions or coding using

Bundling and banding with the ShowTab

Just that bit more….

Branding and bundling pointed peppers with the SHOWTAB

Ideal for promotional messages, extra branding and for easy access to codes
Where you’d like to add more information, highlight branding, promotions or coding, SHOWTAB is the answer. SHOWTAB ensures printed codes are right at hand for quick scanning.

SHOWTAB is a band, tab and optional print in just 1 step – an extra length of the exact same banding material is automatically sealed onto the band, allowing it to stand out for extra visibility.

Reducing the amount of packaging and labelling used is now a must for us all
SHOWTAB has been developed so that bags, multiple adhesive labels and other complex packaging can be replaced by a single 1-step solution with extra print space.

No Adhesives are reqiured. Eco friendly options are available, such as biodegradable, recyclable and compostable banding materials.

1-step process – maximum print
Banding and SHOWTAB are of the same material and can be pre-printed up to full colour, with the option to print variables onto the banding material in as many positions over the full length and width as required. This is done seamlessly during the banding process.Bundling and banding of leeks with extra space for product information with ShowTab

Application of the band around single or multiple products, sealing on the SHOWTAB and printing onto the banding is done in just 1 step. There is no interruption, slow down or down time for printing onto the band.

  • Bundling and labelling in just 1 type of material, making it easy for recycling
  • Metal detector compatible
  • Eco friendly options – biodegradable, recyclable, compostable – and no adhesives!

Branding by Banding is available in a vast range of papers and films. Please ask for further details.